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Our Services

Elevation Bible Study

Wednesdays at 7pm

Is a vehicle used by Kingdom Mission Ministries to elevate the body of Christ through the true and living word of God. The word is taught from the Holy scriptures and is broken down as spiritual food for the hungry souls f men.It was designed to give all individuals believers and non-believers alike, spiritual development during their life walk.

Prayer Service

Thursday at 8 pm

As believers we are called to pray. Kingdom Mission Ministries ensures that this powerful tool is used to change lives to build our relationship with God. Prayer unlocks the door of our deepest desires and allow us to see the powerful hands of the God we serve. Prayer is life changing and essential for all believes to invest their time in doing so.

Sabbath School

Saturdays at 11 am 

When Jesus walked the earth he taught in the synagogue on Sabbaths. As a principle, Kingdom Mission Ministries teaches the word of God on Sabbath from a specific lesson plan that was designed for the purpose of teaching God’s words. The lesson plan is issued every quarter and all topics are covered as outlined in this quarterly teaching guide. All members are issued a quarterly guide of all subject areas to be covered during the Sabbath School sessions. These Quarterly teaching guides are made available to anyone who is interested in following the lesson plan.

Sabbath Worship Service 

Saturdays at 11:30 pm

The scriptures encourage the church body not to forsake the assembling of the believers together. This is important as the presence of one brightens the other. The church building is not the church but a place that we gather to encourage one another, maintain comradery and develop our love walk with God and each other. This is done through our Sabbath Worship service: Praise and worship, songs, dance, testimonies, preaching and teaching of the word of God.

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